Friday, December 7, 2007

Bleary eyed me...

I haven't slept the whole night.I got back at 8:30 from the lab.We( Jasmeet and I) had to take readings every 30 minutes, so had to be awake all the time..All the rest i got was trying to sleep on a table, the floor, and a chair while subconsciously waiting for the alarm to sound the 30 minute mark.Its a harrowing thing, waiting up all night.Plus it was cold,17 degrees Celsius so that made everything worse.The sleep gnaws at you from inside making muscles tighten in dire need of rest and even you try to sleep yu cant cause you dont have a good spot.So we whiled away our time in the lab,Jasmeet found out that one of the offices was open and he continued his quest to watch all the Byomkesh Bakshi episodes on youtube.I told him that in the very last episode Ajit reveals that he had an affair with Byomkesh's wife and Byomkesh is finally killed trying to save an innocent should have seen his face light up at the thought of a climactic end to the series.Poor guy, i was just making it all up...Muhahaha..[evil laugh]..jasmeet then described his cousin brother who just bought a new car."He is a Siamese twin,there are two of them..including him"he said.Well i knew who he was talking about.The guy had come to drop him at cedar lane and i obviously didn't notice another identical person attached to his hip."You obviously mean Identical twins not Siamese"I said.This triggered us into the correct definition of Siamese twins and we bet to sponsor the others lunch if we lost.I hope everyone knows why siamese twins are called so?they are named after the first recorded case of conjoined twins in "Siam".hence the name.
I tried dancing to keep warm but without music its no fun.Then I tried singing and after a while i couldn't thing any good songs to sing.Then my mind started conjuring up serial killers and psychotic madmen breaking into the lab and trying to dismember us.the banging noises from the pipes and vents above didn't help to allay my fear.Why would anyone break into this lab?"reasoned jasmeet ,"to steal concrete and bitumen.?".I then asked jasmeet what he would do if a "Ganda Aadmi" came in with a knife and tried to cut off his nose."I like my nose" he replied."Yeah, so what would you do to stop him"."He looked around the room and pointed out the 2 Normal Nitric Acid, the glass beakers and the vacuum pump , all of which could be hurled at the intruder"."What would i do ?"he asked me"Well, I would punch you (i e Jasmeet) in the face and throw you in front of him and run away.He would be too busy with your nose to come after me..".
When even at 8 am we still couldn't complete the readings we contemplated taking the equipment home.But it would be too much of a trouble taking care of the equipment.Then people started showing up as office timings began and we decided to stop here and continue in the reading in the evening.We came back and while jasmeet is sleeping ,I just completed watching RGV ki AAG.Its not that good.Thats all i will say rt now.Anyway I am headed to Busch campus to get my paycheck signed and eat my free lunch at Schezwan Express.Meanwhile check out this awesome song.Its very good.

PS:Did you know that the siamese twins from Siam, Chang and Eng Bunker did get married and spent the night alternately at each of the wives.

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Was that when you wrote this post too? :P just kidding!