Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have always thought of this blog as kind of a " Dear Diary" thingy. I guess mostly I write about myself. Things that affect me. Rarely am I the objective observer.

I woke up on my own at 9:30. Thats not early I know, but having slept at an hour unmentionable due to fear of parental reprimand, that is early.Plus I had to , because we are having this online college get together. I have a reputation for sleeping like a corpse. I sleep so soundly that I only wake up in the morning.It is real hard to wake me up in the morning. Ask my mother or my college roomie. I like it that way. I pity those who wake up at the slightest variations of temperature, sound etc. I feel they do not enjoy their sleep as much as I do. I have a friend who is a world class recreational somnambulist. And he is somewhere in between. But he takes real pride and joy in his sacred duty. That is something I admire about him. His dedication to his field. Then there is my present roomie who has an air of tiredness and sleepiness around him. He needs to revive himself with frequent jolts of caffeine or he would collapse and not wake up for an hour or two. My other roomie calls it " His Samadhi". Pompi Baba ki Samadhi.

I made myself tea right after. I have rediscovered my love for tea. It was a habit that I had abandoned after failed attempts to make a decent cup by myself. In Kerala , as in mostof the country, they drink tea with breakfast at home and in the evening. And if you are someone who eats from the outside, you will notice that people drink tea with their dinner too (of course not with rice, but their rotis and dosas). My office has a coffee machine that also makes tea. It has a little glass cabinet with different flavours of tea and coffee neatly arranged in see through drawers. They have a lemon calm and earl grey that I have grown rather fond of. I have a lot of friends who dont drink tea. Even my brother does not. Isnt he even remotely curious about how tea might taste. I know he hasn't had any for a good 10-15 years.

I have lots of stuff to read. I have two papers that I need to finish. I have got a free subscription to 4 magazines, and they are all piling up. I need to get right down to it.I have decided watching all those movies and TV shows will not get me anywhere. I need to read and write more. I have also chanced upon this neat row of indian books at the Alexander Library. I read Delhi - A novel, by Kushwanth Singh and its so wonderful to hear him speak of places where I have lived. His family built most of New Delhi, and they used to own the building that later became Kerala House and where I spent 6 years of my life. He presently occupies a quarter on Sujan Singh Park (named after his father) which is rt next door to my place at Pandara Rd.

I have made a discovery. There is a muscle on the left side of my back. It is a universal muscle, that is flexed even at the slightest movement you make, everytime and right now that muscle, which I would like to call universa flexosa II is hurting like hell. I dont know how I hurt it but I am in writhing agony. It seemed to knock the wind out of my lungs with the effort I needed to get up this morning.But there is a sadistic pleasure in flexing that muscle and at regular intervals I check if the pain is still there or not.

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peregrina said...

I found it quite amusing to read the part about tea..... guess we have one more thing in common besides ukranian fairy tales ;) ......and darling gaurav ofcourse :D