Thursday, October 29, 2009


If you actually think about it, its basically two guys smashing a ball into a wall. Repeatedly. A Wall!! one of the essentials of Squash is a wall. Can you think of any other game where you would need a wall?? ( Yes, Racquetball, but who wants to play a game where the ball bounces like a crazyball? ) But I love Squash. Looove it. Its a passion. The activity I look forward to the most each day. I cant believe I used to play Racquetball in the beginning , but the moment I played squash for the first time, something inside me fell in place, something came home and felt so right. I now detest Racquetball and it is only with haughty eyes that I look upon the people who jostle for a place in the Racquetball court. So why do I love squash?? I actually sat and thought about why I love squash. I came across the following reasons:

1) It burns the most calories , compared to any other sport. Something like 800-1000 per hour. Thats huge if you are trying to lose weight.

2) The sheer excitement. The hilarious and energetic fun. It is so much fun, that it makes me look for other physical activities that might match the fun.

3) The rallies. My god the rallies. I have heard of games where they have lasted for over 6 minutes. I would be lucky to get a minute long rally. But when I do, the pure adrenaline that runs through you as you make one shot after the other, trying to outdo the other. Its outta this world. That's what I play squash for.

4)Its also a battle of the brains. From the time the ball strikes the wall to the time you swing your racquet, that's how long you have to decide where you are going to hit the ball. In that split second you have to anticipate the other players position, how hard you are going to hit, where to hit the ball and where you are going to move after the hit. All that goes into every shot, Its like a chess move. You have to give him something he doesn't expect. Feign, decoy and manipulate and when he falls for it?....You ....are the champion... of the world.

5) One wonderful thing the game shows you is how a human body can move if it decides to , that is. The decision to take a far off shot has to be made in nanoseconds. Your body has to accelerate itself and carry you forward with unthougt of momentum, and maybe you may make it . But all this starts with that one nanosecond decision.

We have been playing for so long now, we know who the regulars are, who are good and if we could take them or not.I know who would send me packing. There is a Pakistani duo that kick ass. Rajat Mittal the king of all sports. Then there is an old uncle who plays by himself but has the back hand of a tennis pro and finally the lady from Hong Kong and her older guy friend who looks like Stanley Tucci. Anyone else.... bring it on , I say. Here's looking at you Onkar, Amey and Srini.


Srinivas Iyer said...

Laugh as you may.. but I promise you my friend.. I will take you down :)

rohan said...

ya me too :P