Friday, October 2, 2009

Things I learned from "Fashion"

1. Everyone in the Fashion Industry is hellbent on success, populated with low morals and promiscuous.

2. If you become the Showstopper (I dont know if this thing exists in real life or is just some thing Bhandarkar cooked up) you will end up a drugged up, whoreish wastoid. That is the price you pay for ambition.

3. It takes enormous amount of courage and confidence to be a fashion model even though your only job is to walk on a ramp with a pout.

4. Sleeping with a Black guy is the lowest point you can get to before realizing how much you have effed up your life. How Racist!!

5. Kangana Ranawat has an obsession with the word " Basterd". (spotted by Onkar)

6. Fashion is just like Corporate is just like Page 3 is just like Satta is just like Traffic Signal.

7. None of the above are even remotely close to Aan : Men at Work. A spectacular Crap - o - cobana featuring action scenes from several hollywood flicks, a climax lifted from the beginning of Face/Off and supposedly part of Bhandarkars trilogy of Prostitution, Politics and Police (Notice how they all start with P)


SEV said...

Its "Busturd", BTW.

Oh and:


Galadriel said...

oh and you left out "kungraychulashuns"...

FYI showstoppers are usually celebrities walking for designers to add publicity to the showing. Rarely is a model used as a showstopper.