Sunday, December 6, 2009

...And now a Message from our Founder.

It doesnt make sense to just randomly post anything just to reach my goal of 46 posts. i have to be mature about it , play fair otherwise there is no reason to do it. I could just post 21 photos and then just add a comment to them and I would win. But that doesnt do anything for me. Where is the struggle, the fight against adversaties to emerge victorious. There has to be something at stake. Do this for the right reasons or not do it at all. Being the fickle minded weakling I am , what I can put at stake is my desire for food. I could give up some sort of food for a period of time if I dont complete my challenge. I am already vegetarian for 41 days (Swami Sharanam Ayappa) so cant give up non veg. I could give up soft drinks or maida or cheese or butter. This is not going anywhere. I guess I will put my pride at stake. Can I be motivated enough to accomplish this task. Do I have it in myself to walk the mile. To do what I set out to do. Can Mr.Frodo get to Mordor? We will see in 24 days. I will write only if I have something to say. Expect 21 meaningful or at least sincere posts from yours truly. And if i dont? You all get to slander me on the comment section of the latest post as of Dec 31. Wait a sec.. you can already do that. But I expect u ppl to be fair about it, as I will.

21 to go!!

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SEV said...

Give up. I already have.