Friday, December 11, 2009

Southland Lives!!

I am a big fan of cop movies. Lets make that a huge fan. Procedural Cop dramas have yet to hold their sway over me. Apart from good ol' CID. And Southland. Southland was my favorite new show of Spring 09, and follows several different pairs of cops , from uniforms to detectives to the captain as they solve different aspects of the same case. Its shot in a realistic almost documentary type manner with a livid and very mobile camera chasing around the characters. Its a lot of fun but gritty and downright dark at times, which I love. The 1st season ended of in sort of a cliffhanger with one of the main characters being shot and left bleeding, and I was all prepped up for it to return this Fall, but the suits over at NBC suddenly pulled the plug , claiming it to be too melancholic and sanguine for their viewership. I was shattered, so much potential lost. But then I heard news that it was being shipped around at other channels. Then it happened, it got picked up by TNT. I mean what were the chances of a canceled show returning. But its back. So not only does Spring 10 have Lost premiering its final season, or Jack Bauer saving Anil Kapoor's Ass (in under a day, mind you) or the very fun "V" returning from hiatus, but the LAPD will also be back in business. Yaaay!!!! Spring 10 is going to be awesome.

19 to go

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