Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Exam time blues

We complain ,we bemoan,cry,curse,deplore, but one thing we don't do is study.We complain how the system is archaic,how the syllabus is outdated and about the lack of time.And its also the time when we promise ourselves to set things straight from the next semester.But its anyone's guess what follows.It really is surprising how you can pass engineering by just studying 2 weeks before the exams!! There is a popular sms, that goes something like this:
A doctor ,a lawyer and an engineer are asked how long would it take them to read a 2000 page book.The doctor says 3 weeks, the lawyer says 2 weeks the engineer says" hmm.. one night.. the night before the exam!!"
Another thing that is strange is how you suddenly realize there are other pressing matters at hand as the exam nears.I have suddenly found many new interesting websites that could provide hours of entertainment(livescience.com for one).I also go through wikipedia's profile of comic characters.I remember in the school days how i would suddenly find a strong attraction to cooking.My friend Sam says he discovered the importance of keeping his room clean the night before his 10th class boards.There was this guy called Thoma who lived near my mother's house.On the days preceding his 10th class exams he abandoned studying after it struck him how lucrative tomato gardening was.He set to work in his backyard,only to quit two days later, realizing he lacked the green thumb.He now works as vegetable vendor.
This also the time when you discover how precious and sweet the luxury of a good night's sleep is.There are people who list sleeping as their hobbies,but i am not that inclined.But come exam time, i would my give my left kidney for a night's peaceful sleep.
You discover how we take life's small luxuries as granted.You learn life lessons in time management, about learning from past mistakes.The joy of being able to do nothing,sit idle,the beauty of that afternoon siesta,to watch a film and follow it with another,the idle chatter that is quintessential to college life.It's enlightening ,humbling and at the same time scary.It brings out the real you.

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