Saturday, May 5, 2007

Got myself a haircut..

There is this barbershop near my hostel called Bobby's.It recently underwent a renovation and also changed hands.the old barber has now been replaced with 3 youths.It s been renamed malavika's.One specializes in haircutting, one in shaving the other in washing your hair.Thats right you get your hair washed, before a haircut, thats unheard of in these parts.So i waited for half an hour for my turn, flipped through several Malayalam film magazines and was finally called in.The hair washing guy asked me to sit in front of a basin and he washed my hair , shampooed it and even dried it!While he was toweling my head i couldn't help but think what he would do if i went my way after the hair wash.I mean i went in got my hair washed , said thank you and left.That would have been hilarious.i did not ask for my hair to be washed they called me and washed it without even asking.anyway the guys did an ok job.I never seem to get good haircuts.My life is one bad hair day after the other.

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