Friday, June 1, 2007

I was meant to live in the 80s

My father once told me how deserted the roads were in delhi when he first arrived there in 1984.There were very few cars and several roads would be downright empty.There are several scenes in Chashmebadoor which prove the same.The only cars you see are the ambassador and the premier padminis.Where did all those flashy foreign sedans go, the ones you see in the movies from 70s.there is not one of them on indian roads now.Anyway when i picture this in my mind its as if i have seen it before,as if i have been there.It is nostalgia for something i have not seen or experienced.How is that possible.It also happens when I see all those great movies( John Hughes is god) from the 80s.Somewhere in my mind a voice says" those were real good times".The music, the fashion the culture,the lingo everything about that time was magical.You will meet lots of people out there who bemoan the loss of that time and many more will tell you, that the 80s was the best damn decade ever,period.Is it this continuous barrage of "yeah 80s" that ignited this flame of nostalgia in me.I thought a lot about it and came upon the most likely conclusion.
I am the rebirth/avatar of someone who was living it up in the 80s.Seriously, there was some talented 20 year old who was having the time of his life ,when he tragically met with his death.I am still figuring out how he died ( I like to think of an assassination plot ,coupled with plot to rule the world, but who am I kidding) or what is the unfinished agenda he left behind.Meanwhile i have started an active research into the rebirth phenomenon.I thought Bollywood would be a good source but most of it does not make sense.But there are a couple of good shows on Discovery.Click here to read why rebirth makes sense


Anonymous said...

stop watevr ur plannin 2 do... rebirth is smthin tht has 2 remain hidden... i warn u stop nw or suffer...
u ve already gone too far... go back... go back .... hahahaha
omg i hope my handwritin doesnt giv me away...

Pai said...

In 80's
(a) You wont get shawai everyday
(b) There was no Kappa+MeenCurry+MeenFry at Ashwathy.
(c) There was no Zam Zam
(d) You cant download movies
(e) You wont even have a computer
And much more.. still u wanna go back to the 80's....?