Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ten Films I am really looking forward to

These are some of the films from 2007 that i am really excited about.Some of them have been released , i just haven't been able to see them,while some are yet to.Here we go..( in no particular order)

1)Live Free or Die Hard

John Mclane is the ultimate action hero( along with Dutch from Predator) and Bruce Willis is the ultimate action star.He is the go to guy for thrillers.Die Hard happens to be among my favourite films , and i liked the sequels too(especially DH3:WAV).The trailer looks smashing good.The downside?Director Len Wiseman previously made the Underworld films, though exciting in concept i found the films to be a big bore.But Mr.Willis is showing great faith in the director and even offering to return for a fourth sequel if the director returns.Yippee-kayyay MF....

2)28 Weeks Later

I love zombie films and the follow up to 28 days later ,a film that had me drooling over it looks real good.The trailer is promising and the film promises more zombies and more people eating ...

3)I Am Legend

OK heres the story:Will smith is the last man on earth.every other human has been exterminated by a virus,the thing is they don't stay dead.They return as Vampires.So Smith hunts them during the day while at night has to defend himself against them.Millions of them...

4)We Own the Night

I live for thrillers.Put an ordinary,reluctant man in an extra ordinary situation and see how he reacts.They have to be my favourite genre.The film is about a night club owner from a police family who overhears a plot to assassinate his cop father and bro and must race against time to save them.It stars Joaquin Phoenix,Eva Mendes,Mark Wahlberg and Rob Duvall.I thought Wahlberg was gr8 in The Departed( rocking flick!!)plus the title is soo cool!!

5)The Kingdom

A FBI forensic team is sent to investigate the bombing of an American colony in Saudi Arabia.Though the trailer starts off rather lame,it picks up as it goes along.. The eclectic cast is another plus..

6)The Lookout

I absolutely adore Tom Gordan-Lewitt,right from his 3rd rock from the sun days..hes grown up to be a fine actor and this film once again with an interesting plot line promises to deliver.It also stars Jeff Daniels and the beautiful Isla Fisher.

7)Music and Lyrics

I like Romcoms that are not dumb or lame.I loved Kate and Leopold... hated the piece of crap that was Failure to launch.This one has good leads,which is very important in a romcom.Hugh Grant was brilliant in both Notting Hill and About a boy.Drew Barrymore..i have nothing against her, except she isn't that good looking nowadays.

8)The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons is one of my all time telly shows.I have been watching it since i was a child and when i wouldn't get all the jokes.They say its past its prime, and now is not the time for the movie version..maybe but 1.5 hrs of Homer ,Bart and everyone else from Springfield cant be bad.It cant be bad at all...

9)Shoot 'Em Up

A fun filled action ride ,a good hero, a gr8 heroine and an excellent villain.Clive Owen,Mrs.Bellucci and Paul Giamatti star in this film about a reluctant guy who is out to save a baby, while being hunted by a group of assassins,the trailer has me sold.


Danny Boyle directed the afore mentioned 28 days later.Plus this film has been receiving gr8 buzz all around.The traileer is cool withan excellent soundtrack.Cillian murphy( who was also there in 28 days later) stars along with Michelle Yeoh,Chris Evans and the scintillating Rose Byrne.I am totally on board...

Ok i am gonna add 2 more to the list, i almost forgot about them

11)30 days of Night

Well you know that vampires only come out at also know that there places like Norway where the sun doesn't shine for months.Mix those two facts together and you get 30 days of Night.Josh Hartnett and Mellissa George defend their town against an attack of vampires during a month long darkness.

12)Eastern Promises

A History of Violence totally rocked my world and when i heard that David Cronenberg was teaming up with Viggo Mortensen again, for his next film i was excited as hell.The film follows a midwife investigating the death of a teenage girl at childbirth only to run into the Russian mafia.

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