Friday, March 18, 2011

10 Movies I want to watch in 2011

Better really really late than never. Here it is, the 10 (well around 10) movies I really really want to watch this year:

1) Sherlock Holmes : Game of Shadows

RDJr is a pleasure to watch in any movie that is not named Iron Man 2. The first one was hell of a fun ride especially the delicious chemistry between the leads. This one has Prof.Moriarty and Mycroft Holmes in it. Sweeet. Stephen Fry is playing Mycroft, Sherlock's older brother.

Trivia: Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie were quite a comedy duo in the UK. Laurie's House is kind of like Sherlock Holmes in a hospital and there were plans to have Fry in a guest role as his more intelligent but unmotivated older brother ala Mycroft but that did not work out. Anyway he gets to play the actual Mycroft in :GoS

2) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

I like the MI series primarily because each of them has a different taste to it. The first one was very classy, exactly the kind of spy-on-the-run kinda movie I like. The second one sucked. The third was a thrill ride. While the 3rd one was being planned they actually had David Fincher on board with Kenneth Branagh, Carrie Ann Moss and Scarlett Johansen. It was about organ trading in Africa. Would have loved for that to happen. Anyway the new one has Anil Kapoor in it. Yay!!

3) X-men: First Class

Ok, technically the First class had Iceman, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Angel and Beast. But the movie only has Beast as part of the original lineup. I have several issues with the X-men trilogy, more so on the criminal under-use of several important mutants. But I am all aboard for this one.

The trailer was great, the cast is amazing and its directed by Matthew Vaughn who directed the kickass Kick-Ass. See what I did there? I used kickass as an adjective and a noun. Yes, I am awesome that way.

4) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara aka Running with the Bulls

Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar in one movie!! Directed by the lady who brought us a modern day classic in the form of "Luck By Chance" - Zoya Akhtar. I am soo there. Apparently they wanted Ranbir and Imran alongside Hrithik but they refused. Their loss. I have said it before and I will say it again. The Akhtar family is the most genuinely talented family in Bollywood. They are so good they radiate talent. I am sure their Gardeners and Cooks are Horticultural and Culinary geniuses just because of their physical proximity to the Akhtars.

5) Don 2

All that has me rooting for these two movies is just the photos that have been released. I really think these 2 films could be fun. My curiosity is definitely piqued. WHile I was not a big fan of the Don remake (though a big fan of AB's Don) I am very interested to know where this is going. Random Access ONE aka Ra.One is directed by an awful director. Anubhav Sinha did Cash and Kites. But the one sheet has me really really intrigued.

"Cash meri aankhon main, cash meri baahon main... "

Bet you will have the song stuck in your head all day now.

6) My Idiot Brother/Wanderlust/Bridesmaids/Bad Teacher

2010 was a slow year for the Apatow Camp, with only Get him to the Greek coming out. This year we have a Trifecta plus one. I dont think My Idiot Brother has anything to with Judd Apatow, but by the "Apatow Camp" I mean any films he produces/directs or those which star the posse of actors who he made famous. For eg , I Love You, Man is a movie from the "Apatow Camp" even though Judd Apatow or his beard had nothing to do with it. Bridesmaids and MIB have been really well received at festivals and I know Wanderlust cant be bad. I know that! KNOW IT! Also, go watch the hilarious Bad Teacher trailer if you haven't.

7) Scream 4

The Scream trilogy was a lot of fun, Randy the movie nerd was such an awesome character. Although there wasn't any actual need for a fourth movie, the trailer was fun, all the old players are back and there's a whole new addition of PYTs who get "gut like a fish". And hey it would be great to hear "Hello Sydney" in Ghostface's voice on the big screen.

8) Sucker punch

The trailer looks like a Rock-your-pants-rollicking-good time. Coming off from 300 and Watchmen , I would follow Mr.Snyder to the ends of the world. Well he is working on the next Superman which I am willing to bet a $1000 bucks is going to be absofrigginlutely amazing. But I still cant get my head around the silly looking and silly titled owl movie he did. You know, The legend of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga-hoole. The movie looks stupid but its got some solid reviews. Gotto watch it some time. Even though it looks silly. OK, I already said that.

9) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt II

If DH Pt I was the Beginning of the end. I guess this is the End of the End. Though the "Book is always better than the movie" rule holds true, I have found myself rather enjoying them ever since Voldemort attained a corporeal form. The half blood prince and DH PtI I really liked and more so because of how well the lovely friendship between Hermoine and Harry was portrayed. The scene in DH Pt1 when Ron's run off and they are all alone in the tent with no idea what to do, Harry puts on some music and they slow dance. Makes me go "Awwww". Bring DH Pt II on. I am all for it.

NOTE to the Universe: I don't ever say "Awwww" in real life. If I have and can't recall it, I would go back in time and slap my face just before I were to say it.

NOTE 2: "O, Children" By Nick Cave is the song, they dance to

10) Agent Vinod

The Return of Sriram Raghavan. After directing gems like Ek Hasina thi and Johnny Gaddar, where did he run off to? This has been in the making for a long long time. But its here, Finally. And i just love the movie title. Its simple yet intriguing.

I think Sriram is an awesome name, one that only Tmaizhans and Gultis seem to propogate.

11) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

With The Departed and the Infernal Affairs, I faced the dilemma of which to watch first. Ultimately I went with The Departed followed by the IA trilogy but they were all awesome pieces of cinema and I didnt feel cheated. Now I face the same problem. Should I read the book, watch the Swedish movie or wait for Fincher's version. I guess I will wait for Hollywood. Being able to watch it on the big screen is definitely the motivation.

12)The Immortal

We don't know this now, but when the trailer for this film will finally release , I am sure facebook and the internet in general would be set on fire. It will be a visual masterpeice. Exquisite images transformed into moving pictures. Something only Tarsem Singh is capable of as seen in The Cell and The Fall. You could just watch the trailer for The Fall all day long and not get bored. That 2 minute cut contains more class and talent than half of what comes out of Hollywood. The only downside is The Immortal stars Frieda Pinto. But its got Rourke and the new superman as well.

Also wanna watch: We bought a zoo, Contagion, Thor (Go Kenneth Branagh!), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Premium Rush, Hangover 2, Super 8, The Sitter, The Big Year, Captain America,Larry Crowne, The Beaver (I am predicting an Oscar nod for Gibson)

Intrigued: Green Lantern (the costume looks really silly and the trailer didn't do much for me) , Tower Heist, Fright Night, Now


Galadriel said...

The dragon tattoo books are so so so bad. Watch the movie. You will know what I mean.

Angelus said...

Really?? Do you think hype has anything to do with it?

Angelus said...

And I like how you call them the "Dragon Tattoo" books. Somewhere inside your mind, a 7 year old girl just smiled.

Rajlakshmi said...

ohhh I am waiting for harry potter and Xmen... can't wait :D

Gaurav said...
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Gaurav said...

Hangover 2, kungfu panda 2, dark knight 2, poc 4???

Angelus said...

dark knight agle saal hai.