Monday, March 21, 2011

How Matthew McConaughey can make Good Movies

Matthew McConaughey is mostly known for insipid romcoms. So how do we help the guy out? How do we get the guy to make good movies. I took a day off from work and did some thinking and came to the following conclusion. The only way Matthew McConaughey can make a good movie is if he plays a lawyer of some kind. Allow me to demonstrate:

Lawyer.Lawyer.Lawyer.Agent to a movie star.
Ok so he was not a lawyer in Tropic Thunder but an agent is a kind of arbitrator and some one who has a client so that counts.

Plus he is playing a DA in Richard Linklater's next dark Comedy - Bernie , so if that movie turns out to be any good, we know we've got a sure fire way of getting our boy into good movies.


Anonymous said...

haha, i was just thinking this exact thing last night. Although I forgot about amistad, i didn't forget TWO FOR THE MONEY where the roll was very similar and he had several clients. He's a good talker on screen, which is why these rolls suit him best. Playing a professional talker.

Angelus said...

Who are you? We need to talk more if you are thinking up similar things..:P